Atlantis už nikdy nepoletí

23. července 2011 v 3:46 | הלט

Atlantis se na oběžné dráze odpojil od ISS. A zamířil dolů...


A týdeník Time ho přivítal titulkem...

...a pak raketoplán odtáhli ho do hangáru.

Z komentářů se mi líbí jeden z Mississippi:

"...The shuttle program - incorporating an international effort - was itself a signal achievement.

But, with the ending of the shuttle program, the only way Americans can get to space is as hitchhikers with the Russian Soyuz capsules.

There are plans for commercial spacecraft with U.S. ties at least three to five years away. And yes, there are future asteroid and Mars missions promised.

But despite all the advances that space research has yielded to make America globally a technological giant - from microelectronics to medicine - the U.S. space program that once was the pride of a nation appears to be fading away.

When Atlantis landed, about 2,000 NASA workers were axed, for a total of about 10,000 laid off as the program died.

Due to a lack of commitment, vision, funds, or whatever, the United States finds itself at a loss - losing its place as space leader, again, to Russia. It's more than a shame, a disgrace to let other nations carry the torch and reap the benefits.

We must never forget: Without vision, the people perish. We have lowered our sight to the ground and kissed the skies goodbye."

A jak to bylo počátkem sedmdesátých let? USA TODAY


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